Music Industry

From Inception to 2023: The Journey of MDLBEAST


September 06 2023

Music Industry

From Inception to 2023: The Journey of MDLBEAST


September 06 2023

Over the past two decades, Saudi Arabia's music scene has undergone a remarkable change. Its vibrant musical culture remained underground due to a nationwide ban on public entertainment events. However, in 2016, Saudi Arabia took an important step by creating the General Entertainment Authority and opening up public visibility for private events for the first time ever in history.

Soundstorm 2019: A Cultural Revolution in Riyadh

MDLBEAST’s Soundstorm 2019 was an extraordinary three-day music festival in Riyadh, serving as a symbolic event in this new era and becoming one of the largest gatherings of like-minded individuals. It provided an opportunity for connection, dancing, celebration, and self-expression. Soundstorm surpassed being merely an entertainment hub in Saudi Arabia; it acted as a cultural catalyst that sparked a revolution among Saudi Arabian youth while making a profound impact on the music and nightlife industries.

At the forefront of this cultural movement stands MDLBEAST - a brand synonymous with creativity, culture, and innovation in Saudi Arabia's music ecosystem and economy. MDLBEAST has pioneered multi-layered platforms that showcase fresh talent while encouraging cultural exchange. Our core values of authenticity, openness, integrity, and experimentation enable us to effectively navigate and shape ever-evolving cultural currents.

An All-Inclusive Music Ecosystem: Empowering Artists and Enriching Global Culture

MDLBEAST serves as an all-inclusive content machine in the music industry, covering multiple facets. From an online creative community and record label to talent development platforms and music festivals in Saudi Arabia that emphasize vibrant nightlife experiences.

To begin, we run our own radio station - MDLBEAST Radio - that expands cultural influence on a global scale by providing a captivating audio experience. Through a showcasing of a diverse range of music genres (including electronic, house, techno, and hip-hop) curated by renowned local and international artists,  MDLBEAST's radio station provides a 24/7 stream of carefully selected tracks, live DJ sets, and exclusive mixes. This creates a dynamic and immersive sonic journey for music enthusiasts worldwide.

With its diverse portfolio of sub-brands, MDLBEAST effectively engages audiences on various platforms and contexts through the power of music to connect people from diverse demographics. For instance, one of our sub-brands - MaestroLAB - is a record label and platform launched in 2022, dedicated to empowering artists and creators through innovative approaches and accessible music for all. By aiming to amplify talent and bridge the gap between artists and creators, MaestroLAB offers copyright-free music to creators and artists in need, cultivating a supportive environment for artistic expression.

A Journey of Innovation and Exceptionalism

MDLBEAST's success is evident through its willingness to challenge norms while upholding grace and respect. Grounded in our roots and guided by core values, MDLBEAST endeavors to find an optimal balance that transports audiences into otherworldly realms while consistently pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable moments for audiences worldwide.

Our journey has been truly extraordinary, marked by hard work, innovation, and tireless devotion to building an exceptional music culture. From MDLBEAST's inaugural private events in Riyadh to the groundbreaking Soundstorm Festival and beyond, we have played a monumental role in revolutionizing the Saudi Arabian music scene. Authenticity, collaboration, and cultural fusion serve as core tenets of our mission, propelling us to new heights on an international music stage.

MDLBEAST's Contribution to Saudi Arabia's Music Industry and Global Recognition

MDLBEAST remains dedicated to its own journey while contributing to Saudi Arabia's music industry development. Through multifaceted approaches, MDLBEAST will continue to nurture new talent, break barriers and deliver immersive experiences for audiences worldwide. With immersive initiatives like XP Music Futures, Soundstorm, and other events amplified by MDLBEAST, we strive to make an undeniable mark on music and culture, ushering in an era of creativity, connection and celebration.

MDLBEAST is dedicated to forging its own path while contributing to the development of Saudi Arabia's music industry. Initiatives like Soundstorm and XP Music Futures have played a pivotal role in uniting the global music community and providing platforms for both local and international talent. As the number of live music events continues to grow in 2023, music is becoming a key element of Saudi Arabia's tourism strategy.

Despite challenges, young entrepreneurs and pioneers like MDLBEAST are filling the gaps in the nightlife scene through private events that attract both local and international music enthusiasts. Saudi Arabia's music scene is gaining recognition, garnering attention from global nightlife publishers and attracting creative talent. MDLBEAST seizes the opportunity to foster a vibrant and inclusive music industry by bringing together artists, policymakers, and music lovers to shape its promising future.


Through a multifaceted approach, MDLBEAST will foster fresh talent while breaking barriers. Their experience-led approach will create memorable events that resonate with audiences worldwide - one thing’s for certain - MDLBEAST stands poised to make a significant impact on music and culture, ushering in an era of creativity, connection, and celebration.

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