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Foster a culture of innovation, collaboration and impact for a better music tomorrow.

Fortify the infrastructure of the music ecosystem in the region through talent incubation, policy development, community empowerment, and sustainable practices - anchored in research and advocacy.

1. Cultivate a Vibrant & Diverse Music Ecosystem
2. Prioritize Health and Safety for Artists & Fans Alike
3. Bridge Connections Among Artists and Professionals
4. Foster Sustainable Interactive Spaces to Inspire & Uplift Talents
5. Forge Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations for Greater Impact


Hearful is our awareness campaign, this year's aim is to grow it beyond the awareness phase, seek more tangible results, focusing on three main areas - community, artists and partners.

Our goals out of this are to grow with the support of partners to cater for artists and the wider community, work with top research centers in the world to find solutions, and to ultimately develop policies for safer event environments.


Earplugs are a preventative measure for hearing loss and other hearing conditions. For that reason, we only carry the most protective earplugs at our events and encourage our partygoers to purchase and wear them. We conviniently offer our earplugs onsite at XP and Soundstorm.

For more information, or partnership opportunities - please email us