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This is Aravia

Step off the pitch and onto the dancefloor for 28 Aravian nights! This is our take on music culture - bridging dancefloors beyond borders, woven with Arabian flair. When the game ends, we start to play.

Aravian Nights




Live Acts & DJ Performances


Headline Acts

Line Up

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Magic of our Stage

Magic of our Stage

Our stage is inspired by the official match ball, Al Rihla. We drew from our vibrant colors, patterns and architecture to create a 17 meter long stage, with shining diamond lights that will take you on a visual journey through Aravia. We’re welcoming 5,500 fans to watch Aravia come to life - giving everyone the chance to be front and center of their favorite acts! Let our stage transport you to an oasis of color and sound - immersing you in our Aravian dreamscape.

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The VIP Treatment

Our VIP guests will experience unparalleled hospitality. You will be welcomed through an exclusive entrance. Don’t worry about parking - we have your spots waiting for you. Our VIP ticket holders can watch the delicate interplay of magic and reality unfold with the perfect view of the stage - on an elevated platform meters away, hosting you and your crew in the comfort of the VIP lounge. *Map for illustrative purposes only

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Getting to Aravia

Get there quickly by subway! Come from anywhere in the city to Al-Wakra station - conveniently located from the festival five minutes away on foot.


Coming from the Game?

Aljanoub Stadium: By Metro: 21 Mins to Aravia Khalifa International Stadium: By Metro: 50 mins to Aravia Education City Stadium: By Metro: 55 mins to Aravia Ahmad bin Ali Stadium: By Metro: 1H & 10 mins to Aravia Lusail Stadium: By Metro: 1H & 15 mins to Aravia Al Bayt Stadium: By Metro: 3 hours 20 mins to Aravia