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Race with Formula E

The perfect intersection of speed, sustainability and pure human ingenuity. A Zero Emission event since its inception, Formula E surpassed traditional motors for finely tuned, electric vehicles to zoom through circuits from Monaco to Riyadh at 200 miles per hour.

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Diriyah Formula E 

In the historic desert city of Diriyah, experience two thrilling nights of racing with skilled drivers from around the world battling it out on the circuit. Be there on January 27th and 28th with high speed performances made possible by alternative energy.

Music & Concerts

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Step away from the track and immerse yourself in the energy of the crowd with music performances electrifying the air starting at 6 pm - before the race gets going! Groove with multiple performances every night- with Martin Garrix dropping beats to shake up Riyadh, and Miguel serenading us with smooth grooves.

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Fan Village

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The E-Prix’s action doesn’t end on the track. There’s even more excitement in store at the Allainz Fan Village. Come for a full day of fun, music and innovation at the fan festival in the heart of every E-Prix. Compete in our gaming arena and see if you have what it takes to be the champion of the track with race simulators, collect autographs from your favorite Formula E stars and refuel with all that flavor at any of our many food outlets.

Diriyah Season

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Diriyah - the birthplace of the Kingdom - comes to life with entertainment and sports events across the UNESCO World Heritage site. Be amidst historic landscapes - with world class dining, music and more, all happening during the Diriyah E-Prix