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Balad Beast Line Up

See you on the dance floor!


Ain’t nothing like a house party. Our 5 squares are taking over different courtyards throughout our favorite heritage sites - getting Balad bouncing. Go square hopping through al-Balad and explore all the sites and sounds the beast has to offer.

Lighting Al-Balad Up

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You don’t have to pick a favorite, Balad Beast has your genres on lock. Whatever your vibe is, you can find your music. We have two underground stages for our house and techno lovers, a stage for the hip-hop heads, one for the indie kids and a stage for the biggest names in the business.


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We’re bringing MORE BEAST with the best of Saudi’s streetwear. We’re taking over the artisan shops that line the streets of the Historic District - showing you the souq our way. Explore the freshest drops the Kingdom has to offer and keep an eye out for Bani Beast, selling your favorite Balad Beast merch.


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Watch the city light up with vibrant colors and patterns, all intricately projected onto the iconic buildings of al-Balad. Playing on our architecture, textiles and culture - we’re giving a vision journey through past, present and future.


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The historic district is Jeddah’s crown jewel and is protected by the loving locals, and preserved as a UNESCO Heritage Site. We want al-Balad to continue as a cultural hub and are keen on preserving the unique architecture, culture and heritage through sound and environmental testing to make sure we leave al-Balad even better than we found it!

Balad Beast Line Up

Respect & Reset Program

Respect & Reset Program

MDLBEAST is supporting an anti-harassment campaign called Respect & Reset, aimed at education, prevention, and support resources. A team of internationally renowned subject matter experts has begun coordinating with local resources to implement wide-reaching anti-harassment initiatives, dedicated to creating a safer, more respectful music and entertainment experience for every attendee.

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