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Festivals in Saudi Arabia Rise to Shift the Cultural Landscape


October 05 2023

Music Industry

Festivals in Saudi Arabia Rise to Shift the Cultural Landscape


October 05 2023

Saudi Arabia has experienced a remarkable transformation in recent years - not only economically and politically, but also culturally. A major goal of Vision 2030 is to diversify the economy’s reliance on oil by opening up new avenues for economic growth - with the main one being tourism. One of the most significant indicators of this shift is the rise of various festivals in Saudi Arabia. 

The emergence of music festivals, in particular, is reshaping the cultural landscape of the Kingdom and allowing its citizens to engage with art, music, and entertainment like never before. This article explores the evolution of festivals in Saudi Arabia, focusing on the Riyadh Season Festival, the emergence of music festivals, and the notable presence of MDLBEAST and the Soundstorm Festival.

Riyadh Season Festival: A Celebration of Heritage, Entertainment, and  Diversity

Riyadh stands not only as the capital city of the Kingdom, but also as a beacon of the nation's evolving cultural identity. As part of Vision 2030, Riyadh has undergone a profound evolution, redefining itself as a hub for culture, entertainment, and progress. Central to this transformation is the Riyadh Season Festival – a larger-than-life event that perfectly captures the spirit and aspirations of contemporary Saudi Arabia.

The annual Riyadh Season Festival showcases the country's commitment to cultural diversity and globalization. Since its launch in 2019, the festival has swiftly become a landmark event, attracting both locals and international visitors. This Riyadh festival features activities, events, and performances for a wide range of interests over several months.

Riyadh Festival 2022 featured events like:

  • Area 15

From Las Vegas to Riyadh, the top artists in the world showcased their virtual reality (VR) games, music, and sculptures. Experiences like The Spine, Dueling Axes, and Wink World were amongst the many to perform.

  • The Winter Wonderland

This included stage shows, street acts, and a wintry vibe; the spectacle also featured more than eighty rides, arcades, shops, and restaurants.

  • WWE Crown Jewel

One of the festival’s most anticipated events! Last year’s match featured Roman Reigns, the current WWE Universal Champion, defeating Logan Paul via knockout in their championship bout. 

As Saudi Arabia shifts its focus to a more diversified and sustainable economy, the Riyadh Season Festival plays a pivotal role in attracting tourism, fostering local talent, and stimulating economic prosperity. The festival creates opportunities for local businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists to thrive, contributing to the broader goal of cultivating a flourishing creative industry.

Showcasing Saudi Arabia to the World

In an era of globalization, the Riyadh Season Festival serves as a platform to introduce Saudi Arabia's rich heritage, culture, and accomplishments to the global community. International visitors are treated not only to captivating performances and exhibitions but also to a firsthand experience of Saudi hospitality. This cultural exchange fosters mutual understanding and breaks down misconceptions, contributing to a more open and interconnected world.

Strategic timing and placement also boost the festival's international appeal. Riyadh's advantageous location on the Arabian Peninsula makes it accessible to international travelers. While the festival's schedule, which generally coincides with nice weather, encourages visitors to explore the city's landmarks, cultural sites, and active hospitality scene.

Beyond its economic and cultural impact, the Riyadh Season Festival promotes Saudi national unity and pride. The festival provides a shared space for people from all backgrounds to come together and celebrate their identities. In an era where technology often creates digital divides, the festival's physical gatherings help emphasize the importance of human connection and community.

The Emergence of Music Festivals: Bridging Tradition and Modernity

Music has long held a complex relationship with Saudi Arabia's cultural landscape due to its religious and social norms. However, in recent years, things have changed dramatically as music events have emerged as a hub for creative and cultural exchange among youth. These festivals allow Saudi youth to explore self-expression and interaction, while respecting the nation's cultural values. They can be seen as a reflection of the changing perspectives within Saudi society.

At the forefront of this cultural shift is MDLBEAST - enriching the landscape of musical festivals in Saudi Arabia. Our flagship event, Soundstorm, has garnered widespread attention for its unique approach to blending international music acts with Saudi cultural elements and music and art with technology. Soundstorm is not only a showcase of musical talent but also a platform for Saudi Arabian artists to collaborate with international stars and contribute to the evolving local music scene.

Soundstorm is a prime example of how festivals are contributing to the transformation of Saudi Arabia's cultural landscape, by embodying the spirit of cultural exchange and artistic collaboration. The festival’s success is also indicative of the increasing demand for entertainment options among the Saudi population and the public willingness to embrace new cultural experiences.

The proliferation of festivals in Saudi Arabia has not been without challenges. The need to find a balance between preserving history and embracing change has arisen in response to cultural sensitivities, particularly those related to music and mixed-gender events. 

However, the success of events like Riyadh Season and the emergence of music festivals like Soundstorm indicate a positive shift in societal attitudes. As these festivals gain popularity and acceptance, they have the potential to influence broader perspectives and redefine cultural norms, fostering an environment where creative expression and cultural exploration are celebrated.

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