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VOYDOOM, also known as Badr, is a electronic bass musician from Saudi Arabia. He blends melodic atmospheres with darkness and hardcore, crafting energetic drops evoking sadness, despair, and anger in equal parts. Various genres influence his unique bass music, and he has earned recognition from industry heavyweights and fans alike. Ready to make his mark, VOYDOOM is a force to be reckoned with in the music scene! His most recent release, " TIME, " is a perfect example of how VOYDOOM combines mesmerizing textures with dreamy soundscapes and Dark Dubstep influences. After an immersive introduction, VOYDOOM dives into an aggressive, hard-hitting tone that sets the mood. This is only an example of his production prowess. VOYDOOM also released a groundbreaking EP titled " THE WORLD OF DEVIL, " which features four original songs that showcase the artist's hardcore and dubstep roots. VOYDOOM isn't just a studio producer but a skilled live performer with a passion for connecting with the audience from the stage. He always delivers an intense and captivating show, so it's not surprising that he has garnered support from notable industry heavy hitters. These include Excision, Zomboy, Sullivan King, LAYZ, BTSM, and many others. In addition, VOYDOOM has released music with prominent labels like SUBSIDIA RECORDS and MDLBEAST RECORDS. Often hailed as " The first dubstep artist in Saudi Arabia, " VOYDOOM has concocted a very original style that sets him apart locally and worldwide.

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