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Sound of Ruby

Formed in 1996, Sound of Ruby is A Dammam-based post punk and alternative rock band comprised of Al-Hajjaj as the founder and driving force behind vocals and guitars, Kamal on bass, Nader on lead guitars, and the rhythmic anchor, Talal on drums. The band showcases a multifaceted repertoire spanning grunge, indie, punk, and blues. The band noticeably developed their punk sound while gaining more grunge relativity after some of their successful tracks "Abo-Hadria Road" “Kabsah" “Abbas bin Fernas” “Midnight" and “Jane Doe". Sound of Ruby's "Pokemon is Punk" is another jewel in their discography that was played by many radio stations in Europe and the States. Their latest single, "Fannan" was featured in the ever-successful Saudi comedy movie Sattar. The band is known for their most successful albums "شماغ"، "Serotonin" and the latest full-length album "Rock Puffs".