Ronin b2b Ralph Nasr

Ronin is an artist whose dedication to his craft and integrity has established him as one of the leading lights in the region. Over the last 2 decades, he has built his reputation among House music lovers, comfortably sitting between modern and old school sounds, keeping things warm, emotive and stripped back on the dancefloor.
His combined residencies at The Basement, Uberhaus, The Garten, The Grand Factory and now at The Ballroom Blitz, have allowed him to master the fine art of long warm-ups, peak times and after-hours, and play alongside a wide spectrum of the most vibrant artists, including the likes of Sonja Moonear, Binh, Apollonia and Ben UFO, but also more classical staples like Mike Huckaby, Kenny Dope and Derrick May.
He has toured every major city in Europe and the Middle-East, playing both small intimate rooms and big scale shows, from regional Circoloco, Half Baked, Cocoon and secretsundaze events, to Off Week Barcelona, Creamfields and Sandance Festival. Ronin also runs the 13-year-strong festival FLOAT and newly formed party collective somewhere…

Ralph Nasr:
Beirut-based DJ & curator, Ralph Nasr has been craking his signature sound for 10 years now, digging house gems, disco bangers and minimal grooves, always making sure passion comes first.
Having held residencies at the city's finest clubs, such as The Garten, BO18 and The Ballroom Blitz, he’s been known for his rich sets and contagious energy, playing alongside artists like Peggy Gou, Shonky, Dam Swindle, Archie Hamilton, Nastia and many others.
On his daytime duty he wears a different hat and runs the retrogroove collective, organizing parties all around the region with a dedicated team of creatives promoting cultural expression through dance parties and visual arts. He’s currently hopping from one city to another showcasing in Paris, Madrid, Istanbul, Dubai & Cairo.
If you don’t see Ralph wearing his white coat anymore, it’s because he found out chemistry can be created on the dancefloors just as much as in the lab. So if you bump into him scribbling notes and designing a space, make sure to ask him this: “How can I throw the perfect party?”