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Pierre Carnet

Pierre is the Managing Director of MassiveMusic's Dubai office, which oversees the MENA region. Beginning his career as a hip-hop DJ and producer in Paris, he transitioned to advising brands and film production companies as a music supervisor, working with companies like Chanel, Netflix, Yves Saint Laurent, Amazon, and Cartier to create music for advertising, films, TV and fashion shows. Since joining MassiveMusic in 2020 he has focused his attention on bringing the power of music to brands, and has become a key voice for the power of audio branding and the strategic use of music. In 2023, Pierre opened MassiveMusic's first office in the MENA region, MassiveMusic Dubai, with the goal of supporting the development of the regional music industry and music buyers in the region. Today he works with leading brands across the GCC to help connect them with the world of music, and oversees the music of some of the best film and television coming out of the region.