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Moayad is the ultimate Saudi multi-hyphenate. Currently a musician, writer, actor, and comedian, he began his professional career as a doctor. While working in the medical field by day, the young talent began exploring a creative path in 2011, pursuing a career in entertainment alongside the popular Telfaz11. Captivating audiences around the globe with his roles on Telfaz11’s many shows— in which he acted and wrote— Moayad built a fan base of his own, garnering millions of views. As the years went on and standup comedy began to gain popularity in Saudi Arabia, he solidified himself as a pioneer, eventually landing his very own Netflix special. His creative expression continued to grow as the years went on, and came to encompass music. The multi- hyphenate went on to explore the rap genre alongside a group of rappers in his entourage. After featuring on some big tracks, Moayad is honing in on the craft further.

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