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LeSad is a Producer & djane from Saudi Arabia, the first international female Trance act from the kingdom. She has been DJ’ing at a young age with a very smooth style that can move her listeners from one emotional state to the other by just triggering a drop beat. In the inhumanly fast-paced world of EDM Music, it is hard to see DJ Lesad rise as anything but meteoric. from her catchy mixes on her “RECignition” radio show which she had the pleasure of hosting Idols such as MaRLo, Jorn van Dynhoven, Stoneface and Terminal, Tempo Gusto, Alexander Popov, Yahel and more aspiring talented artists. The attraction to her tracks is obvious: sprightly melodies, powerful basslines, a knack for catchy vocal hooks, and at times there is a sensual arabian playfulness that comes across just as well. you can feel her careful grip on her watercolor brush; the splotches of color and melody are spaced out by a gently ebbing, bubbling groove that gives way at all the right times. Her blends are the kind that bestow tracks with genuinely new and unseen dimensions. Besides her passion for Psytrance, she enjoys playing all kinds of electronic music to her listeners, from Heavy Techno and Tech Trance beats to the beautiful realim of Uplifting Trance and soothing beats of Deep House.

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