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Laymoon is a remarkable talent hailing from Lebanon whose artistry sets dance floors ablaze with an exhilarating blend of aggressive beats and dark afro house melodies. Emerging as a key contributor to the growing music scene in Doha, Laymoon's distinctive sound draws inspiration from tribal and Middle Eastern influences, infused with the underground sensibilities he cultivated during his time in Germany. His releases on internationally acclaimed labels like Re:SOUND Music and MaestroLab Music by MDL BEAST bear witness to his unique creative vision. Having performed on renowned stages such as Arcadia, MDL Beast Aravia, and Zamna, and embraced by the prestigious "Coya" international chain and Monkey Tale Doha for a residency, Laymoon's love for sharing music knows no bounds. Join the enchanting journey of Laymoon and surrender to the energy that moves hearts and feet alike.

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