"Precision and restraint, as well as being part of his personality, are two qualities that describe [Youssef] Benjelloun's music as Kosh.” Resident Advisor (via Henry Ivry). Born and raised in Casablanca, it’s during his years in the U.S. that his interest in early acid tracks and Detroit techno truly matured. Kosh spent endless hours sifting through records at local stores.

From the early classic house labels to the more recent tri-state area techno artists, the American scene has heavily influenced his taste in electronic music. After many years exploring different genres, it’s the sharp and unique productions hailing out of Detroit that really drew his attention, and that would ultimately shape the sound that he’s known for to this day.

With more than 15 years of studio experience under his belt, Kosh is known for dynamic and punchy live performances. He knows how to subtly jump through different genres, and it is generally accepted that he has his own trademark sound that can be recognized among many. His music delicately blends heavy basslines, frenetic breaks and spacey electro beats, as well as warm infused pads and fast paced groovy techno. All sprinkled with bags of emotions and his special sauce.

After moving back to Casablanca in 2016, Kosh has been actively involved with the label Casa Voyager alongside his longtime friends and music partners Driss Bennis (aka OCB) and Jonas Bengio (aka Viewtiful Joe), where he released staple EPs like Null 212 or Keep Hope Alive. Kosh also released critically acclaimed EPs on other labels like Virtual Reality (Distrikt Paris), or Endless Quest (Eudemonia). In 2021, Kosh started his own label called Convergence, a platform mainly dedicated to his own productions, but also to collabs and splits with friends.