Korea Town Acid

Korea Town Acid is a classically trained pianist and an accomplished recording artist, live performer, and DJ hailing from South Korea and now based in the vibrant musical hub of Toronto. Her sonic artistry pushes boundaries through her mastery of unique soundscapes, employing a versatile array of hardware, analog and digital polysynths, drum machines, and samplers to craft moody textures and unpredictable compositions.
As a DJ, her style is an eclectic voyage, traversing genres from Seoul's underground sounds to the infectious beats of her adopted home, Toronto. She consistently shares her musical explorations on her monthly radio show hosted at Brooklyn's revered The Lot Radio. Korea Town Acid's live performances are a testament to her improvisational brilliance, offering genre-bending, free-form compositions built upon intricate layered beats. Her remarkable skills have graced stages worldwide, from Seoul to Helsinki, London to Berlin, New York to Athens, and across her home country of Canada. Notable showcases include Louis Vuitton Pre Fall in Seoul, Redbull Music, Mutek, Pop Montreal, Boiler Room, and Plissken Festival