Kiki Kyte

Hailing from the lush, green rural haven of the “Carolinas”, Kiki Kyte is a “Free-Spirit”, with a sweet voice and homegrown roots! A phenomenal singer, songwriter, and a killer female drummer, Kiki’s rambunctious aura of uniqueness radiates undeniably bright, no matter where she goes. Throughout her journey, Kiki would find herself singing and playing with a wide variety of bands and developed a deep respect and love for a range of musical genres. Musical tones from country, rock, R&B, folk, gospel & jazz found their way to her ear and ultimately her heart. As a free-spirited musician, Kiki marches to the beat of her own drum. The sounds of hands clapping & feet stomping, and the organic rhythms she had naturally grown to love being from the south, have always touched and played a special part of Kiki’s life.