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2023 Marks 30 years in Music for Hipp-E, Known as one of the key people responsible for shaping the music genre Tech-House, Hipp-E, Is set for a Big year to celebrate this massive timestamp! Hipp-E is laser-focused, reinvigorated, and ready to push boundaries in music again. With upcoming collaborative releases with new artists that have inspired him as well as old friends, Hipp-e has big plans for what will be a great year in the studio and has already signed new releases for PIV, Gabu and David G tronic, and Guti’s label Personality Disorder. Plus a list of remix duties all set for release in 2023. He also has exciting new productions with long-time partner Halo Varga as H Foundation, Hipp-E returns home to the music world and has made his place in the history of music, but now intends to build a new global fanbase and continue to spread his sound for generations to come!

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