Ghassan Sahhab

Ghassan SAHHAB (1985), is a musicologist, composer, and musician.
As a musician and composer, he released his first album titled Sharqi (My Orient) in 2017 and other instrumental singles for theater plays and podcasts, he will be releasing the second album “Tajrīb Maqāmī” within few months. He performed in concerts and projects in France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Australia, Italy, Azerbaijan, the Arab region and Lebanon. He is a member of the classical Arabic musical ensemble of the Université Antonine (UA) among other projects. He is the co-founder and musical director of me’zaf musical cultural initiative for the authentic Levantine music and a researcher in the musical traditions of the Mašriq. He is holder of a PhD about the qānūn between practice and theory. He participated in many musicology conferences in France, Germany, Tunisia, Egypt, and Lebanon and he is a lecturer at the Faculty of Music and Musicology at the Université Antonine (UA) in Lebanon since 2011 and an instructor of the “Survey of Middle Eastern Music” course at the LAU 2012-2021.