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Lebanese raised producer and DJ “Fremder” is the epitome of the club’s four-on-the-flour groove and underground scene in his own unorthodox way. The natural-born musician’s journey started at the age of 15 in 2017, but took it seriously in 2020, diving deeper into the world of music production and its roots, and learning everything, from the science of electronic music to Djing, all alone. After some persistence and hard work, Fremder’s output has resulted in the accomplishment of numerous tracks over the years, and decided to release his second track, “Make Me Feel”, with MaestroLab by MDLBEAST Records in 2023. Inspired by the dance scene and the big artists, he is uniting his pumping grooves with some captivating melodies backed by the underground vibe to create a solid and never seen mark in the EDM scene. Englobed by his vision, there are no limits to what he has in mind, and what he wishes to accomplish in the upcoming future.

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