DJ Viva is a Canadian/Saudi Music Producer & Professional DJ based in Saudi Arabia with a passion for entertainment on various levels with music being her main focus as well as being an Aerial Arts performer. She has abundant live performances, including MDL Beast, The Red Sea Film Festival, the Riyadh Season Opening Parade, & much more. DJ Viva recently released her EP “Velvet Electricity” under MDL Beast Records & is set to release “Secret Garden” under Myazu Music in August. She currently plays the role of Music Director at MFC Saudi. Aside from her creative side, she also plays lead business roles as co-founder & partner in 7Zenith Business Consultancy (under which are EntertainmenTen, Subliminal Communications, & Saga Films). She holds an MBA & PhD-ABD in Organizational Development. Last but not least, she recently launched Viva Cosmetics online & in stores, as well as VivaConcepts.

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