Born in 2001, Omar Mohammed Elfadil AKA Dafencii, is a Sudanese/Saudi writer, rapper, composer & singer. He grew up listening to a wide range of music inspired by the diversity of the cultures and melodies they carry but is mostly influenced by rhythm and poetry (Rap). During the 2020 pandemic, Omar started to learn composing and mixing music to further develop his skills, but mainly focused on elevating his writing skills as he believes it to be the foundation and core of his practice. His debut release ‘Rksha’, establishing his sound and laid the foundations for his tone and vocal direction. The video amassed an impressive 906,000 views on YouTube. Dafencii took his chance to establish his grounds further within the rap scene when he released كنق الحلبة (feat. Khayyat) . It’s gained more than 15 million views in 12 months. The bars describe Dafencii’s confidence in his abilities, skills, and proclaiming his presence within the rap community. His reputation spread like wildfire cementing him as one of the most exciting artists on the MENA rap

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