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COSMO is Bahraini electronic producer Esam Hammad. At first a guitarist, largely influenced by classical rock music, he was involved with a number of bands in Bahrain and abroad at different points in his life. His first contact with music happened at a young age through the accidental overdubbing of sounds; a curious relationship with sound that drove his pursuit of an unconventional cross-genre approach to music making. Gradually he became familiar with the twists and turns of music theory and studio recording. He was later drawn to electronic music,and immersed himself into this entire new thrilling sound. COSMO crafts meticulous, beguiling ambient tracks that recall the kind of electronica pioneered by UK record label Warp in the 1990s. His live performances are reminiscent of dreamy art rock influences, blending both recorded and live elements into unexpected and beautiful statements. As well as completing some notable remixes aired on local and international radio stations, COSMO released a debut EP at the turn of 2014, A Virus from Outer Space, which he lovingly describes as ‘a soundtrack to a ’70s sci-fi movie’. A million miles away from the predominant rock-led regional scene, TimeOut Magazine, which listed COSMO amongst the most promising new music acts in the Middle East. He has since released several singles and an EP Spark Matter which is a testimony to his ever-evolving sound.

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