Bayan Abuzinadah

Bayan is a heart-centered entrepreneur who has co-founded six community-focused ventures, with the mission of creating a positive impact to empower and inspire living life wholeheartedly. Her latest venture, Heart Festival, a community-driven gathering that celebrates the mind, body, and spirit through immersive art and wellness experiences.
Bayan is also a Multi-Disciplinary Holistic Sound and Breathwork Practitioner, Ceremonialist, and Yogi. She has studied, practiced, and adopted different sacred healing arts that have empowered her to transform her life, sustain joy, and find love and light in the heart of everything. Her work is based on her journey, creating inspiring workshops and transformational experiences and ceremonies using sound, movement, touch, and breath. Bayan integrates ancient healing instruments, Sufi, Shamanic, and Tantric wisdom, and her teachings inspire healing, growth, and compassion.