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We already have held numerous exciting workshops and are always adding more! We plan to offer many of these successful workshops again in the near future.

If there is something you are interested in, feel free to reach out and let us know.

Check out our Upcoming Workshops page to see what is available now! We can't wait to see you and learn together!

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This interactive workshop is full of energy and promises to be a fun time for all those who participate! Dive into the heart of exceptional customer service with a deep exploration of its core principles.

Recommended as a great learning opportunity for anyone who has a patron-facing role or interacts with guests at any event

Supervisor Essentials

This immersive two-day workshop is a deep dive into the core of event and staffing management. Enhancement of leadership, communication, teamwork, and customer service skills are a main focus.


For those with previous experience working in Crowd Safety Management in both an operational and management level. Topics covered include operational leadership and management, Managing stakeholder relationships, Communication, command and control strategies at events (C3), Development, implementation, and review of policies and procedures and Emergency response planning and the importance of crisis comms.


This workshop covers the basics of how to build a presentation. The skills and best practices covered are helpful for anyone who needs to build a presentation for a client, internal review, pitch, RFP or interdepartmental comms.


This interactive, two-day workshop is full of energy and promises to be fun for all who attend! Dive into the heart of exceptional client service with a deep exploration of its core principles. Master time-tested methods to consistently delight your customers, understand the art of making both lasting first and unforgettable final impressions, and harness the unmatched power of effective communication as the cornerstone of unparalleled service.


Join the journey of enhanced consumer service and experience a deeper appreciation for customer engagement! This workshop transcends mere knowledge of consumer service, offering insight into the broader significance and impact it holds on the overall success of client engagement.

Delve into advanced strategies of consumer service management and unravel the intricacies of the client journey roadmap. Familiarize yourself with the tenets of customer charters and gain a profound understanding of who your clients truly are. Offer services tailored to meet consumer desires and pinpoint the gaps in the client journey that can lead to potential frustrations, ensuring a seamless experience every step of the way.

Interested and want to learn more or have an idea of workshop that you’d like to attend?  Email us and reach out anytime!
 Email: education@mdlbeast.com

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