FAQ: What is XP?

What is XP?

XP Music Futures  was established to accelerate the growth of our region's music industry. XP launched with a 3-day music conference in Riyadh. XP aims to lay the foundation for a thriving music industry. Following the pillars of Talent development, Scene promotion, establishing Policy and creating Impact – these conversations will set the tone for the development  of our music industry

What is XP Day? 

XP Day focuses on panels, workshops, fishbowls and other forms of knowledge production. This aspect of the XP experience is centered around knowledge production and sharing. 

Who are the performers coming to XP?

We work with regional and local promoters to showcase their music experiences by designing the lineup and  visual design of the XP Nite activation spaces. This three day night experience offers a wide-range of sounds and scenes to explore.

Who are the speakers coming to XP?

The XP speaker lineup will include a diverse range of local, regional and international music industry professionals. Together we will lead conversations, workshops and masterclasses to shape the future of our music industry.

Last updated 27/02/2024 03:22 PM

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