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FAQ: Our Sub-brands?


The company’s record label arm produces and distributes music from a wide range of genres by local, regional, and international artists under a number of sub-labels.


Frequencies is our music streaming arm – introducing a wide spectrum of music across multiple channels. Daily, weekly, and monthly DJ sets and curated playlists from seasoned selectors.


MDLBEAST Freqways is a multistage online music experience- inspired by airlines of the past, Freqways takes audiences on a virtual trip; with DJs performing from iconic locations around the world. Have a safe flight on freqways.mdlbeast.com.


MaestroLAB is a record label and platform aimed at empowering artists and creators through innovation and music without limitation. With the aim of amplifying talent and bridging the gap between artists and creators, MaestroLAB provides copyright-free music to those who need it.

Last updated 27/02/2024 03:22 PM

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