Lasers, Stage Pyro & SFX Professional Awareness

Date: 30 November
Length of Workshop: 1 Day
Time: 1:00 PM-6:00 PM

Location: Festival Site
Workshop size: 20

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The course is designed to inform and educate relevant professionals in specific best practices and competency definitions for the laser, pyro and SFX sector. It has an exciting mix of theory, discussion and hands on demonstration of a range of the ER kit!

This workshop will take place live at the festival site and is perfect for crowd control managers, stage production crew, Health & Safety officers or anyone working who has a desire to learn a little bit more about the facts, theory and operation of the festival special effects.



Martin Barraclough

Martin serves as Safety Director globally at ER Productions. He is a leading expert in Laser, Pyro and SFX safety, and regularly engages at industry level including ANSI, ILDA and the UK Laser Safety Forum.
Martin is a time served industry professional with nearly 25 years experience in the festival and touring sector in a wide range of roles. He is now a Chartered Safety Practitioner in the UK and a Certified Safety Management Specialist in the US.