MDLBEAST is supporting a new anti-harassment campaign called Respect & Reset, aimed at education, prevention, and support resources. A team of internationally renowned subject matter experts has begun coordinating with local resources to implement wide-reaching anti-harassment initiatives, dedicated to creating a safer, more respectful music and entertainment experience for every attendee.

everyone to:

  • Respect our zero-tolerance policy on harassment.
  • Respect each other’s gender, race, beliefs, opinions, and boundaries.
  • Respect the desire for everyone to enjoy events without fear of harassment.


  • Reset how you protect yourself – report harassment and take a stand.
  • Reset how you protect others – be an active bystander and stand up to harassment of others.

Reset your views on harassment – it is never acceptable under any circumstance.


Attendees can expect timely responses to reports of harassment and appropriate consequences for those who harass. Anyone found to be violating the MDLBEAST Code of Conduct or Anti-Harassment Policy will face immediate removal from the event site without refund and will be presented to the authorities for legal recourse. 


  •  There will be several strategic anonymous reporting mechanisms, including the MDLBEAST event app, email, and highly visible trained event staff. Reports of harassment will be responded to with the aim of resolution for the victim and repercussions for the perpetrator.


  • Dedicated teams of trained responders will be available throughout the event grounds, dispatched as needed to intervene and take action to reports of harassment. 


  • The event design includes several R&R Spaces where participants can remove themselves from the crowded entertainment areas, decompress, find a willing ear, and report complaints of harassment. Reports can be made privately and away from the public eye.


  • Ambassadors will be visible throughout the event site and are prepared to provide support and information, serving as a visual reminder of the importance of the campaign.


  •  Campaign messaging and anti-harassment information signs and digital media will be displayed throughout the site.


  •  Robust communications with the authorities about the program and they have pledged full support to ensure there is an official, impactful, and meaningful response.

Support at Soundstorm

You need a moment to Reset.

Locate any Info Booth or R&R Ambassador. You will be directed to the closest R&R Space, so you can be supported and given time to decompress before returning to the fun. 

You experience harassment, violence, or other types of discrimination.

Report harassment to any member of the R&R Team, or find a member of staff to take you to a safe location to report. Taking the lead from you, we’ll listen to your report and provide resources and a response based on your comfort level.

You see harassment, violence, or other types of discrimination.

If safe to do so, intervene and become an Active Bystander. Then, REPORT IT! Incidents of harassment will never decrease if we do not take a stand and call out harassment. Learn more about how you can be an effective Active Bystander below.

If you encounter harassment not related to Soundstorm, or any other MDLBEAST event, REPORT IT! You can contact the appropriate authorities via:

  • Social protection call center: 1919
  • Through the app: Kulluna Amn
  • Harassment Hotline: 999911 996
  • Human Rights Commission: 0114185100

What sort of behavior should you see at a music event like Soundstorm?

Music festivals provide unparalleled opportunities to interact and connect with people in a way that may not be possible in other settings. Treating one another with respect can ensure that events like Soundstorm continue to allow everyone the experience they deserve. Remember, your actions are not only about you, but those around you. You want to be the person that brings the good vibes, not the person that ruins someone else’s experience.

  • DO something nice for someone while you’re attending Soundstorm 2021. 
  • DO use your manners. Use words like “thank you” and “excuse me.”
  • DO be mindful of crowded spaces. Crowds are normal and require care when navigating. Move through crowded spaces carefully, slowly, and not aggressively.
  • DO dance your heart out! No one is going to judge you, but be careful if you’re using lots of flailing arms and bouncing about. You should consider a more open area to practice your moves.

DO immerse yourself in the music, but DO remember to maintain an awareness of what is happening around you.

What is Harassment?

Harassment is unwanted behavior that makes people feel intimidated or humiliated. It may be verbal, physical, or visual. Harassment can be directed toward:

  • Race, ethnic origin, nationality, or skin color
  • Disabilities, including physical or hidden disabilities
  • Gender
  • Physical characteristics

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.

How to identify harassment.

There are many forms of harassment, including, but not limited to: 

  • Stalking
  • Forcing people to talk to you
  • Invading other people’s space
  • Staring or blocking people
  • Touching people without their express consent
  • Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm or bring discomfort to anyone
  • Making sexual jokes, and other sexual comments
  • Using taunting, intimidating, abusive, humiliating, or offensive language
  • Making obscene or offensive gestures, and making or displaying sexual drawings / messages (banners / signs) or photographs
  • Sending offensive emails, tweets, or comments on social networking sites
  • Touching or removing pieces of someone’s clothing without permission

Examples of harassment at an event may include:

  • Aggressive dancing when the recipient does not approve – grinding 
  • Persistent and unwelcome advances for attention – flirting that goes too far when clearly the other person is not interested
  • Inappropriate verbal advances – making attention seeking noises such as kissing or whistling sounds, or speaking in a distasteful manner toward another person
  • Unwanted touching or grabbing – grabbing or pinching the bottom of another person
  • Pulling or removing of clothing – grabbing at or removing an abaya, head scarf, or a top
  • Using intimidation to pursue someone – following or staring down someone when it has been made it clear that there is no interest


What can you do if you see harassment taking place?


YOU can make a difference! 

YOU can speak up!

YOU can be an Active Bystander.


Becoming an Active Bystander can stop harassment in the moment and build a community that does not tolerate harassment.



As an active bystander, you are taking the initiative to intervene to stop harassment. There are several ways to stop harassment that do not involve physical intervention. Remember, never place yourself in danger.

the 5 D’s


Address the harasser directly. If safe to do so, and preferably within a group, call out the bad behavior. Use commands such as, “Stop!”  Or, address the victim by asking, “Are you okay? Do you need help?”


Redirect the situation to move the attention of the harasser away from the victim. Interrupt the harasser and talk to them to pull attention away from the person being harassed. Consider asking a question like, “Hey, do you know who is on stage right now?” Or, if it is safe and there is space to do so, dance or stand in the path of the harasser and the victim. This allows the victim to get away and remove themselves from the situation.


Find someone who may be more effective or qualified to assist. If you are not comfortable confronting the harassment situation, find the closest staff member or security to help.


If the situation is unsafe, move away. Find help and if the situation improves, check on the victim and ask if they are in need of help. It is never too late to act on a harassment incident.


 Following through with a report of the harassment can help set in action a chain of events that includes helping organizers plan for future events, demonstrating that there are consequences for harassment, and extending support to victims of harassment. It is never too late to report harassment.

Remember to always maintain your own safety and never place yourself at risk of harm. 


For additional information, or to report harassment related to Soundstorm or other MDLBEAST events, email [email protected].

Together we can make a difference.
Together we can elevate our culture.
Together we can enjoy events.