The Future Of Nightlife: AI Driven Workshop

XP Day

SAT | 01:30 PM - 03:00 PM


Nightlife is a vital part of the creative economy of a city or place. It drives talent development on many levels. The night is a springboard for upcoming entrepreneurs and creatives. During this interactive placemaking workshop we imagine what our future nightlife will look like. By physically working together and with the help of AI technology we create radical content that can be broadcasted outwards afterwards.
During the panel and workshop we share and create common values for how nightlife spaces should be set up. Pulling both from memory and personal vision the participants work in small groups of local promoters and delegates. They play around with physical objects and model their unique nightlife experience. Input from the conversations are used as prompts to drive the AI technology. On the screens these weirdly bizar and futuristic club settings will be displayed immediately. The content can be used afterwards for social media or reporting.