XP Initiatives

XP Initiatives


XCHANGE is a series of workshops catalyzing the growth of our music industry. They will take place in 4 cities in the MENA region, ahead of the annual conference – XP Music Futures. 

The objectives of the workshop are to take a deep dive into each city's music scene by inviting key experts to explore topics across XP's four pillars: Talent, Scene, Innovation & Impact. Throughout these sessions, we can develop a snapshot of the city's music industry, gaps, opportunities and more – for a better understanding of the regional music scene.

XChange Nites

Following each workshop, XChange Nites showcased local and regional artists with musical performances and hosted nights.


Riyadh, KSA

 Legalizing the Saudi Music Scene. Collaboration with Diriyah Biennale Foundation.

Nite in collaboration with KNZ: Bluepaper, Agha & Fulltone



Jeddah, KSA

Exploring the world of talent management. Collaboration with Hayy Jameel.

Nite: Vinyl Mode & Fulana.


Dubai, UAE

Exploring Web3 innovations in the music industry. 

Collaboration with TODA, featuring  performances with Megatronic b2b Angry Suzy. 

Followed by XChange Nite in partnership with Gabu x Analog Room


We captured all the workshop findings in the first edition of the XChange Xine. Beyond capturing insights – the zine includes articles from thought leaders in the regional & global music industry, a photo essay and fun games. Check it out below!

XINE 2022


 is a competition for vocalists from the MENA region, who are given an opportunity to perform at XP Music Futures, collaborate with MDLBEAST Records and attend Soundstorm music festival. More than 200 artists entered, and judges Matthew Dicks, Karima Damir, Banah Anabtawi, Lil Eazy selected ten finalists who then entered the public voting stage to determine the final five finalists to perform at XP Music Futures. 

XPerform Host  Hessah Alsanea introduced the five finalists—Asayel (KSA), Lowkie (KSA), Moelex (KSA), Reina Khoury (Jordan) and SkinnyG (KSA)— to the audience at XP. 

Hip-Hop artist Asayel was selected as the 2022 XPerform winner, with judges noting her unique blend of Arabic and English lyrics in her original songs, and her infectious stage presence.

Music Production

From Zero to Hero

A 3-day educational course that took place at XP22.

Attendees gained intensive professional training in various areas of music production including recording, mixing, producing, technical ear training, immersive audio, and collaborating.

They covered all bases from learning how to set up a home studio, to working on their music music, and collaborating with local music producers.

Session Overview

28th November

DAY 1 

What is signal flow? What hardware and software do I need to record? How do I set up a home studio? This introduction to recording techniques is designed to examine equipment that can be used in a home studio environment; including analog to digital converters, microphones and recording software.

This session shared the necessary tools and techniques to produce electronic music in different styles including House, Techno, Electro/French House, Trance, and Drum and Bass.

29th November


Technical Ear Training- it is crucial (and handy) to train your ears to not only identify frequency range. In this session, we focused on how to develop core listening skills for mixing, and the tools to get these muscles in shape.

We explored how to manipulate sound using dynamic and time-based processors. Students learned the basic parameters of EQs, compressors, gates, expanders, limiters, reverb, and delay and their functionalities.

30th November


Is Spatial Audio the new stereo? I mean, we’ve heard the hype around it, but do we REALLY understand it? And more importantly, how can you, a songwriter, producer and/or content creator use it to take your music to the next level?

Students collaborated to produce a beat in any genre of their choice. After receiving feedback, we chose & showcased one beat for the whole class.

Our instructors

Marcela Rada

Workshop Lead

Sound engineer, music conference organizer, university instructor and XP A&A Board Member.

Marcela has years of experience in recording, editing, mixing & mastering audio for independent artists. Her research focuses on immersive audio mixing for music & XR platforms. Her experience as a college professor and lecturer has motivated her to become a mentor for those who seek one-on-one instruction in recording and mixing techniques.

El Fuego  


DJ, radio presenter & instructor.

El Fuego has extensive experience in the Saudi dance music scene; playing locally and internationally. He recently become a DJ instructor at the Music Commission's Music Hub – working with young, Saudi-based talent on developing their skills sets in mixing and performing