Healing Oasis Workshops

"The Healing Oasis" is a sensory experience that combines the healing power of nature, music, and art to offer a space of respite for attendees. The space is designed as an immersive forest with lush trees and rich plants which give a calming atmosphere. As well as an interactive art installation that uses light, sound, and projection to create a multisensory experience. The installation responds to the natural surroundings and the music being played at the conference.

Repotting The Seeds of Your Mind

In this activity, Raghad leads the group on the uses of planting as a process to set goals and identify best practices to nourish and achieve them. This activity enables participants to identify the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset. Allowing them to set SMART goals, learn planning strategies to achieve their goals and as a result boost their wellbeing and sense of pride. From silent eye-gazing, identifying alternative growth mindset narratives, to setting SMART goals & understanding the difference between fixed and growth mindsets. This interactive session delivers ground breaking results and transitions you're unlikely to have seen before.

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Pilates with Tehya

Tehya is a certified Pilates instructor and former ballerina with the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center. She has taught professional athletes, dancers, and humans alike at studios around the United States in Los Angeles, New York City, the Hamptons, and Miami. She is the co-founder of Hi Point(e), classical pilates focusing on length and strength. All levels should come join her class for a reprieve from a busy week. Don’t expect it to be easy, but it will be a fun 45-minutes with great music.

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Music As Ceremony

A deeply rejuvenating experience that explores the various ways in which music has been used throughout history and across cultures to create a sacred and transformative space. With the opportunity to engage and connect to ourselves through music and its inspirational qualities, the goal is to bring members to an internal balance and stillness as guided through music. This event invites participants to enter into a meditative state through guided breathwork, visualization, or other techniques, preparing them to fully engage with the music and its transformative potential.

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The Sound Frequency Workshop

The Sound Frequency Workshop is an innovative way to experience the power of sound frequencies vibrating through your body.
The workshop contains an average of 7 different frequencies which resonates to each part of your body releasing stress, anxiety, tension and much more.
The workshop requires everyone to be lying down with eye masks and headphones for each person.

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Sakura Wellness presents Flow with Beats

A dynamic and energizing experience that combines the ancient art of yoga with contemporary beats and rhythms. Led by our renowned practitioner Ghalia and accompanied by DJ Laizeh to offer smooth sounds to help digest the moment and relieve pressure.  This session is designed to support participants to connect with their bodies, release stress and tension, and tap into their inner rhythm.

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Movement Is Medicine

Movement is Medicine is a method that was created by Emma Marshall, for mind and body fusing neuroscience, indigenous wisdom and rave culture. The body really does keep score, it holds onto experiences that have not been processed, which can manifest in various ways and affect our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Just Breathe

Join international  DJ and Yoga instructor Krystal Roxx for 60 minutes of calm and restoration for your mind, body and soul.Breathwork and Yoga are the foundation of any wellness program and quite literally the healthy heart of improving your personal wellbeing, enhancing your mental, physical and spiritual health.Control over your breathing is central to all yoga practice with a variety of different methods employed which leave you feeling recharged and energized! 

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