Artist Management Bootcamp

Fast Track Your Talent Management Career

Do you have what it takes to steer MENA’s next big talent towards stardom? This one’s for you!

The Artist Management Bootcamp is an intensive virtual 2-week journey designed to kick-start your music management journey through workshops, mentorship, and interactive discussions. Gain industry-specific insights and the chance to learn from leading industry experts ahead of the XP Music Futures 2023 conference.

Training dates: 5-9 & 12-16 November, 2023

Why the Bootcamp?

Managers are at the heart of a musician's career, guiding both everyday tasks and long-term strategies. At XP, we are driven to:

  • Support every step of MENA’s music ecosystem by nurturing a talent pipeline that produces successful artist managers.

  • Paving the way for sustainable careers in the industry through enriching the skills and business knowledge of artist managers in the region.

Joining our bootcamp means

Becoming a confident guide for emerging artists

Learning the essentials to manage artists to grow and reach their goals

Connecting with a community of experts 

Exploring more work opportunities in the region



Engage with real-world examples and case studies in our interactive sessions led by industry experts.


Dive into the music business with comprehensive toolkits covering the fundamentals and industry trends.


Top candidates get exclusive access to 1-1 and group mentorship sessions with world-renowned talent managers.


Upon conquering the Artist Management Bootcamp, our bootcamp graduates will have a full grasp of crucial areas of the trade

Contracts & Negotiations

  • Navigating artist management contracts

  • Successful negotiations with record labels

Management Fundamentals

  • The role and impact of a talent manager

  • The profit side of artist management

Branding & Partnerships

  • Key elements of defining an artist’s brand

  • Corporate sponsorships and how to win them

Artist Care & Support

  • Mental health strategies and caring for your artist

  • The fundamental issues in an artist rider

Introducing our International & Regional Instructors, Mentors and Guest speakers

In partnership with SEA Ventures

SEA Ventures Company is the leading force of change in the Saudi entrepreneurship ecosystem working closely with governmental, private, and nonprofit entities. We strive to unlock and invest in human potential in various sectors by implementing the best practices locally and globally. We initiate and build programs to enable entrepreneurs, change makers, and impact-driven leaders by focusing on seeding the entrepreneurial mindset, developing entrepreneurial skills, and equipping entrepreneurs with the right toolset.

For more information, please visit: https://www.seavent.org

Purple Wall

Purple Wall is an artist management company with a passion for propelling talents, their brands, and their businesses from the confines of the recording studio all the way to the biggest stages on the globe. With a seasoned team of experts, Purple Wall does it all: from cultivating powerful personal brands to strategically steering business growth and beyond.