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XP Music Futures 2022

XP Music Futures will be back in Riyadh this November 28, 29 & 30! Join us as we kick off the loudest week in Riyadh with our annual music conference. Step into interactive workshops, participate in discussions and immerse yourself in our music regional scene. XP Music Futures was established to accelerate MENA’s music industry. We launched in December 2021 with a 3-day music conference in Riyadh, laying the building blocks for a thriving music industry. With workshops, panel discussions, networking opportunities and multiple nightlife activations – XP is expanding pathways for music industry professionals of all backgrounds – enabling artists, designers, entrepreneurs and policy-makers to shape their music futures.

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Stimulating knowledge sessions by DAY

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XP Music Futures is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together people and talent from the music industry with forward-thinking programming. Three days of captivating sessions in various formats, facilitated by diverse speakers, attended by our ever-growing music community. Opportunities include networking, workshops for skill development, and immersive activations – this isn't your average music conference.

Music sessions by NITE

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When the sun sets, the party starts. Day spaces turn into nite – for a total vibe shift. Warehouses become intimate and unique music venues; with the best of regional event brands and performers across a slew of genres. From Indie, Disco, and Funk, to Afrofusion, Hip-Hop, Electronic and Jazz. This is why XP is at the perfect intersection of work and play.

The future of music needs a solid foundation

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XP is built on four pillars that tackle everything to do with the music industry in the region. These are the cornerstones of who we are, what we believe in, and our roadmap for the future of music. In 2022, these pillars come to life in everything that you’ll experience at XP:

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Supercharging Creativity

Talent is the core of what we do – focusing on the people that make our industry possible. We enable upcoming artists, producers, label owners, future venue owners and promoters, to turn their passion into self-sustaining businesses.

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Making the Music Count

The scene pillar is focused on growing our audiences organically to create a robust music economy. We explore the importance of community-driven spaces – from underground parties to international concerts.

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Enable & Empower

Our Impact pillar focuses on empowering and enabling our scene through the application of knowledge creation. This helps us better understand the music ecosystem, highlighting sustainability, equality and social equity as fundamentals.

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Disruptive Forward Thinking

The Innovation pillar taps into all the latest developments in the creative tech space, and showcases the transformation of the music industry. We're exploring NFTs, Web3 and the metaverse through the eyes of the pioneers in the field.

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