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All you need to know about XP22 – Day & Nite programs, on-site experiences, getting there & more.


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Hear from music industry pros, connect with international & regional speakers & talent, attend workshops, demo sessions & more. Music-focused activations, initiatives, competitions and regional retailers will also be part of the program. 180+ speakers. 80+ sessions. 9 networking sessions. 9 initiatives. 9 partner activations. Endless creativity.


Headlining Speakers

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Mathew Knowles

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Amy Thompson

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Nite is about showcasing the brands that helped grow our scene. Partner brands have curated lineups of local, regional & international talent. Jump from warehouse to warehouse to get a taste of sounds – from Electronic to Jazz, Alt-Indie to Hip-Hop. 7 music venues. 30+ event brands & labels. 130+ artists. 20+ countries. Infinite sounds.


Special Guests

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Eduardo Castillo

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Cristina Lazic

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Sebastian Mullaert


Partner Activations

Control No Control

Presented in collaboration between Last Floor Productions & Studio Iregular. This cube detects people's motion & activity – creating audio & visual responses of their movements.

Dolby Atmos Experience Zone

Visit the Dolby Experience Zone to learn how Dolby Atmos opens a world of possibilities for your music and podcast, from creation to playback.

Experiential Music x Art Installation

Recreate the world's most iconic album covers with this photo booth. Step in, strike a pose & get snapped by Marta Lamovsek – bringing music to photos.


Hearful presents an immersive booth mimicking the lack of silence caused by Tinnitus – permanent ear damage resulting in constant ringing sounds.

JAMMZZ Room Powered by The Warehouse

The Warehouse presents a music jamming session – the best way to unwind & play. This one's for musicians and amateurs. Music prompts will be given, improv is always encouraged.


Lights! Art! Neon! Multidisciplinary artist Marina Zumi, a Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist, builds a magical dreamland with the "Immersive Light Hexagon Raum"


NURA presents: The Sound Bar – a personalized sound experience. Listen to music, movies & video games based on your individual hearing profile.

Graffiti Art with Spotify

In partnership with Spotify & their signature end of year campaign; "Wrapped", Graffiti artist Rafat Alsulaimani pays tribute Saudi creativity , muraling 7 up & coming Saudi music talents.


Alo Moves, with local wellness experts Mindsai Experiences & Raw Escapes, bring you a space to silence out the noise in our dedicated mindfulness area, Wellness, bringing together music, movement & mindfulness.

Power Up! Yoga with Neddster

A full body flow to explore the fundamental postures of Vinyasa yoga. Work every muscle linking your breath to movement and end your practice with body scanning meditation. Moderate intensity.

Getting There

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How to get to XP

New year, same location XP Music Futures is back at JAX, Diriyah. Park your car at the designated parking, and take our frequent shuttles to and from the conference grounds.

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