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XP is introducing Music Production: From Zero to Hero. This is a 3-day educational initiative at which you will gain intensive professional training in various areas of music production including recording, mixing, producing, technical ear training, immersive audio, and collaborating. You will obtain the necessary knowledge to set up a home studio, work on your own music, and collaborate with local music producers.

DAY 1  28th November 2022 

Session 1: The art of recording

What is signal flow? What hardware and software do I need to record? How do I set up a home studio? This introduction to recording techniques is designed to examine equipment that can be used in a home studio environment; including analog to digital converters, microphones and recording software. It covers the principles of signal flow, as well as different types of microphones and microphone placement techniques. The purpose of this session is to encourage artists with little to none experience in recording engineering to build a proper setting that would allow them to take their music to the next level as they explore how they can find their signature sound while properly using recording equipment.

Session 2: Electronic music production

This session introduces the necessary tools and techniques to produce electronic music in different styles including House, Techno, Electro/French House, Trance, and Drum and Bass. Students explore production techniques in (DAW) for each genre including the use of sample libraries and synths.

DAY 2 29th November 2022

Session 1: Technical ear training

Before we even get started with exploring mixing techniques, we need to first talk about Technical Ear Training. It is crucial (and handy) to train your ears to not only identify frequency ranges, but also develop the right vocabulary to describe sound (aka … the issues). In this session, we will focus on how to develop core listening skills for mixing, and the tools to get these muscles in shape.

Session 2: Mixing techniques

In this session we will explore how to manipulate sound using dynamic and time-based processors. Students will learn the basic parameters of EQs, compressors, gates, expanders, limiters, reverb, and delay and their functionalities.

DAY 3 30th November 2022

Session 1: What is immersive audio?

Is Spatial Audio the new stereo? I mean, we’ve heard the hype around it, but do we REALLY understand it? And more importantly, how can you, a songwriter, producer and/or content creator use it to take your music to the next level? After this session, not only will you have a solid understanding on Spatial Audio, but also on how to use it as a tool to explore a whole new dimension for your art.

Session 2: Let’s collaborate!

Students will collaborate to produce a beat in any genre of their choice. They will receive feedback and one beat will be chosen to be showcased.

Our instructors

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Marcela Rada

Workshop Lead

Sound engineer, music conference organizer, university instructor and XP A&A Board Member. Marcela has years of experience in recording, editing, mixing & mastering audio for independent artists. Her research focuses on immersive audio mixing for music & XR platforms. Her experience as a college professor and lecturer has motivated her to become a mentor for those who seek one-on-one instruction in recording and mixing techniques.

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El Fuego  


DJ, radio presenter & instructor. El Fuego has extensive experience in the Saudi dance music scene; playing locally and internationally. He recently become a DJ instructor at the Music Commission's Music Hub – working with young, Saudi-based talent on developing their skills sets in mixing and performing