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XP 2022 Advocates & Advisors

XP is dedicated to being an inclusive and representative platform for the region's music industry. One way of ensuring such diversity is with our trusty Board of Advocates and Advisors. They are appointed annually and make sure we stay cool and relevant. They are our eyes and ears on up-and-coming talent, advise us on programming, share their expertise through thought leadership pieces, and ensure we're growing our community in all the right ways. This diverse team offers insights, concepts, and guidance to create a cohesive event by the people, for the people. The Advocates help with outreach and understanding of communities. The Advisors help inform our day programming and knowledge production and connect XP to major industry players throughout the world to promote a sustainable global music community.


Advisors are industry titans that have extensive experience within the international underground music scene. They act as our sounding-board as we shape XP's strategic direction and programming.

Our Advisors

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Natasha Stambuli

Crowned CEO OF THE YEAR in 2021, Currently a new member class - Recording Academy (Grammys) 2022, Natasha Stambuli has seen through the growth of Boomplay Tanzania since its inception in the country to date. With a passion for seeing African Culture and Music being elevated on the global map.

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Arabian Prince

Not only a Grammy-nominated songwriter, rapper, producer, and DJ, Arabian Prince is also a technologist and Founder of iNov8 Next Open Labs. Arabian Prince is focused on empowering youth to explore the future of technology with incubator programs for the next generation of inventors.

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Karima Damir

As the Director for Artists and Repertoire at Sony Music Middle East, Karima Damir is part of the leadership team responsible for signing A-list artists and partners, like Egyptian superstar Hamaki and production power house Craft Media, whilst developing exciting new talents including Barry and BAWS.

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Marcela Rada

Marcela Rada is a sound engineer with several years of experience recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio for independent artists. Marcela’s experience as a professor has motivated her to become a mentor for those who seek one-on-one instruction in recording and mixing techniques.

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Jennifer Cochrane

Glasgow-born and raised Jenni is CEO & Co-Founder of mental health and wellbeing festival Getahead, as well as the Founder & CEO of wellbeing consultancy business "Work Inspired". Jenni also consults for global music organizations, booking talent, managing brand strategy & partnerships, and supporting business development.


Advocates are regionally-based supporters of the music scene – they help promote understanding, awareness, and integration between XP and the larger community.

Our Advocates

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Jara has established herself as a member of Arab rap music's next generation by being one of the first and only female rappers in Saudi. Alongside her music releases and her passion for delivering strong messages through her music such as ‘966’, she is also pursuing multiple academic endeavors and raps in multiple languages.

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Mohammed Bajbaa

A passionate entrepreneur from Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bajbaa is a forward thinker who believes he has a big part to play in the development of Saudi culture. Mohammed is a passionate entrepreneur with a solution-oriented mentality and the founder of Proud Angeles and Proud X Fashion Consultancy - two highly impactful businesses in the Saudi Arabian fashion industry.

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Space Boi

Space Boi is a DJ and producer based in Bahrain. His Instagram page (@blip_music) is aiming to share the less familiar sounds of dance music and shed light on the less exposed but highly talented DJs in the region.