What is Freqways?
MDLBEAST Freqways is a multistage online music experience. Inspired by airlines of the past, Freqways takes audiences on a virtual trip; with DJs performing from iconic locations around the world.
On the 24th September, Freqways will be taking audiences on a series of domestic flights around Saudi Arabia; showcasing talent and locations from around the Kingdom. New destinations and captains will be announced daily.
Why is MDLBEAST doing this?
Freqways is a way to build on the MDLBEAST values of spreading joy through immersive experiences and connecting communities beyond borders through music, arts and culture. With most everyone isolated, but connecting online – MDLBEAST saw an opportunity in expanding their offering to reach a wider global audience.
As virtual experiences become a more prevalent of building communities and connecting with audiences – Freqways offers a glimpse on what that experience might look like.